Emerald Green Murano Glass Bowl by Carlo Scarpa

by Venini



Emerald green “Corroso" Murano glass bowl in the Bullicante technique with air bubble inclusions designed by Carlo Scarpa for Venini.

The bowl bears their three line circular acid stamp manufacturing mark to the base, which reads: "Venini, Italy, Murano". However I'm afraid it is virtually impossible to make out. I've had several of these bowls in the past, and the acid marks are almost always difficult to see, but this one has to me the most difficult one yet. At a casual glance, nothing can be seen, and even if you get the lighting and angle just right, all that can be seen is the "ano" at the end of Murano on the bottom line, and if you are really lucky, "ly" from Italy on the middle line. 

4.5" w x 4.5" d x 2.1" h

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Emerald Green Murano Glass Bowl by Carlo Scarpa