"Hades" by Liam Dean


Mixed media on panel

"Hades" by Liam Dean.  His work is characterized by a distinctively elemental quality that echoes phenomena found in nature. Compositions are bold, readily engaging imagination with textures, tones, and forms that feel accessible and familiar. The aim is at disarming viewers with evocative mystique. He is driven to disrupt the tired adherence to oils, acrylics, smears and smudges. By utilizing bolder materials – i.e. lacquer, shellac, joint compound, polyurethane, resin, wood stains, and solvents – and by approaching the application with innovative methodologies. He believes the derivation of most remarkable things is simply hard work. Plodding effort. Devotion. Obsession. Instigating evolution – not waiting for it.

Commissions available.

30" w x 1.5" d x 49" h

Price Upon Request

For price information, Please email us at info@adeenidesigngroup.com, Thank you!