"Capsula" Metal Canopy Pendant Lamp Multi-Color Glass by Lucie Koldova

by Brokis



The "Capsula" metal canopy multi-color pendant light designed by Lucie Koldova is a smart and thrilling light that resembles a plant cell or seed. Two layers of mouth-blown glass globes producing a notional axis are combined with a tubular triplex-glass LED light source housed covered by an opal glass diffuser and a refined brass reflector. This results in a stunning 3D optical effect. The end caps secure the components and act as anchor points for the inventive twin suspension straps, which also conceal the power cord and allow for variety in the light's ultimate location. The Capsula series is available in sets as well as individual lights that may be combined to meet the needs of the client.

Glass colors for the exterior and interior globes are clear, transparent smoke grey, transparent amber, transparent yellow, transparent violet, transparent red, transparent light blue, transparent orange, transparent opaline, pearl grey opaline in either gloss or acid etched.  The body finish options are black and silver, the canopy options are black or white matte, and the cable colors are black or white.

11.6" w x 11.6" d x 10.4" h

Overall: 28.5"w x 2"d x 85.83"h 


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