Medium "Muffins" Oak Base Table Lamp by Lucie Koldova & Dan Yeffet

by Brokis


Medium "Muffins" opaline table lamp fashioned from mouth-blown glass designed by Lucie Koldova and Dan Yeffet representing an extraordinary lighting experience. Since its market debut, it has taken on an iconic status and become a symbol of the BROKIS brand. The sublimity of the design lies in the masterful combination of delicately contoured glass and solid wood or marble. The lights feature a mouth-blown glass shade set in a handcrafted base, breathing new life into any space and eliciting a festive ambience. The collection offers four sizes & three designs in the table lamp and three sizes in the pendant light.   

The broad range of glass colors with glossy finish are transparent clear, smoke grey, smoke brown, opaline, amber, sunset pink, cognac, violet, aubergine, olive green, and opaque triplex opal.  The base is available in natural, nano coat, waxed, black & white stained oak, and walnut. Grigio Talami and Rosso Francia marble and high gloss raspberry and grey are available in US849 and US850 only. Cable colors are black, white, light grey & dark grey, red & yellow.

Mini US910 - 10.8" w x 10.8" d x 10.2" h 
Medium US849 - 14.2" w x 14.2" d x 13.6" h 
Large US850 - 20.9" w x 20.9" d x 19.9" h 



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