"Knight" Chandelier by Marco Dessí

New, original 2019 design 


"Knight" chandelier in copper designed by Marco Dessí drawing inspiration from Viennese Jugendstil and the roaring 1920s.  Designed as a modular system, the individual spun brass cones can stand alone or be arranged in various combinations. The round light fixture is broken into two circuits that can be controlled separately, shining up or down or in both directions.

Each element is fitted with a custom dynamic white LED element that can dim from 4,400K daylight to 2,000K candlelight. 6 LED lights with a max wattage of 102W.

Made from brass and acrylic, available in various finishes, combinations and layouts. Please inquire about the options.

20.86" d x 20.86" d x 35.43"

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