"Hoffman Residential" Table Lamp

New, original 1914/1992 design 


The "Hoffmann Residential" table lamp, part of the "Hoffmann Residential" line was created for the Japanese market in the early 1980s. It carries the archetypical Jugendstil décor of Josef Hoffmann into modern ambience. The design is based on the famous "Cologne" chandelier the architect created for the Werkbund Exhibition in Cologne 1914, which is regarded one of the milestones in Austrian design of the early 20th century. 

It is made of solid brass with a polished nickel finish. The crystal beads are made from hand-cut lead-free Swarovski crystal in contrast to wonderful large rectangular and square crystal tiles, which alternate with a cast floral décor. 

4x E14 lights with a max wattage of 240W.

Available in various metal finishes. Please inquire about the options.

12.60" w x 12.60" d x 22.55" h


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