Living In Style Morocco

Co-edited by Ignace Meuwissen and Zoe Settle

Photography by Andreas von Einsiedel and Julia Leeb



In the 1960s Morocco was a hot destination for hippies who tripped out on the magic of North Africa. Today, the international jet set meets in Marrakech. The old-world charms of Morocco and a modern lifestyle are perfectly compatible as this stunning volume proves. Featured interiors showcase living areas that seamlessly flow, lush green courtyards, and richly ornamented decor. Despite the eclectic details, the rooms never seem too busy; they exude a peace and warmth that accommodate contemporary design elements as well. Photographers Andreas von Einsiedel and Julia Leeb have captured this unforgettable atmosphere in Living in Style Morocco.

10.3" w x 1" d x 12.9" h

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Living In Style Morocco