"Mona" Medium Pendant designed by Lucie Koldova

by Brokis



The "Mona" Large pendant light in a transparent mouth-blown glass designed by Lucie Koldova is based on the concept of penetrating forms. The light source boldly traverses the ample volume of smooth glass to reveal the thrilling tension inherent in the design. The collection’s essence, however, lies in its unconventional construction and refined combination of materials. It also boasts dimmable tubular LED light sources, developed by BROKIS, each with a different colour temperature.

The collection comprises several sizes (M, L, XL) and various types of lights (pendant, floor, table, wall) and is available in different glass colors, as well as leather and metal finishes.

 15.0" w x 15.0" d x 86.6" h standard

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