"Sausalito Glitch" by Kate Tova


Acrylic on wood

“Sausalito Glitch” by Kate Tova of the "Glitch" series representing portraits of technology and liberation linked to innovation. The characteristic central explosive movement of each painting serves as a visual representation of escaping repression.  The series explores the idea of nature as a symbol for freedom, more specifically its unprecedented potential. Directly inspired by San Francisco’s unique natural landscape, the works in Glitches allude to the sea and flora of California. The forms found in the series are abstracted shapes, flora, fauna, and other imaginative elements are cleverly and subtly interwoven in the composition. Not bound by traditional painting or typical canvas perceptions, Tova’s paintings embody an ethereal feel through strong yet delicate forms.  This painting was inspired by adventures in Sausalito: admiring flowers by the bay, sailing, paddle-boarding with Kate's dog Toochi, and trying amazing food, simply a happy place.

Commissions available.

36" w x 1.5" d x 36" h

Price Upon Request

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