"Snoop 2020" by Kate Tova


Gicleé & mixed media on canvas

“Snoop 2020” by Kate Tova portrait of Snoop Dogg as part of the "Maskerade 2020" series featuring recognizable figures, past and present, through the lens of the COVID-19 zeitgeist. The artist used flamboyant multimedia masks adorning black-and-white portraits as a playful exploration of (CDC-compliant) identity and individualism.  She found it remarkable how people remained recognizable with half of their faces covered and used a comically broad range of multimedia including amethyst geodes, disassembled Mac parts, paper butterflies, hand-made brooches, golf leaf, feathers, and much more. The series represents a moment in time and transforms a depressing symbol of pandemic life into something extravagant and celebratory. Welcome to the Maskerade!

Commissions available.

12" w x 1.5" d x 12" h

Price Upon Request

For price information, Please email us at info@adeenidesigngroup.com, Thank you!