"Reigen - Franz & Leocadia" Set by Aldo Bakker

by J. & L. Lobmeyr

designed in 2020, new 


"Reigen" bedside carafe set comprised of "Franz" & "Leocadia" designed by Aldo Bakker and made from mouth-blown lead-free muslin glass.  Aldo’s sculptures and objects from bronze, stone, lacquer come in very strong and distinct shapes, but as they are built from principles of nature they have a warm, charming and very strong personality. This is why we gave the six tumblers of this series names. We took those from Arthur Schnitzler’s Reigen. Three tumblers can be matched/stacked with the other three, 18 combinations in total. They are independent and stand on their own, but when matched they become one. „It is about an ongoing line, like a balloon, the glasses need to fit naturally on top of each other, and equally interesting when being alone”, says Bakker.

Bakker's strong and distinct shapes are created based on the principles of nature, each design has warmth, charm, and very strong personality. 

The tumbler comes in 6 different styles.

All lead-free crystal. Hand wash.

Karl 3.7"w x 3.7"d x 2.99"h

Emma 3.39"w x 3.39"d x 3.39"h

Alfred 3.7"w x 3.7"d x 3.23"h

Marie 3.78"w x 3.78"d x 3.39"h

Franz 3.62"w x 3.62"d x 3.46"h

Leocadia 3.78"w x 3.78"d x 3.62"h


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