"Mars" Tumbler by Gregor Eichinger

by J. & L. Lobmeyr

Contemporary, 2016


The architect Adolf Loos was ahead of his time with this clear, uncompromising concept of form. This tumbler service is made with a so called brilliant pattern on the base. Each line is still cut by hand and carefully matt-polished. This series paved the way for modern glass design and is another Lobmeyr classic since 1931. The special edition MARS-Glas contains 13 contemporary interpretations of the Loos water tumbler created by famous Austrian artists.

For the "Mars" tumbler Gregor Eichinger added a simple black line to the design, hand enameled onto the mouth-blown glass with Adolf Loos' signature engraving on the bottom of the vessel.  

Lead-free crystal. Hand wash.  

3.08" W x 3.08" D x 3.68" H


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