"Wiener Achtel" Tumbler by Miki Martinek

 by J. & L. Lobmeyr

designed in 1998, new


Set of 4 engraved "Wiener Achtel" tumblers made from mouth-blown glass designed by Miki Martinek was inspired by the pleasant simplicity of drinking wine with friends.  It was named after the volume it holds, 1/8 liter (0.125) a common size for drinking wine in Austria.  Its shape and hand-made quality reflect clarity and joy.

The unobtrusive elegance of the "Achtel" glass, designed in 1998 and produced by Lobmeyr since 2005, is perfect for the very special occasion of enjoying a glass of wine in everyday life. It is a treat for the hands, has many uses, and represents Austrian coziness and warm memories at their finest. This is because it pays homage to the keg tumbler, a historical drinking glass shape derived from the shape of a beer keg. Beginning in the 1950s, the keg tumbler was mass-produced in Austria and is still widely used today in restaurants, at wine taverns, and for wine tastings. In marrying the shape with fine, handcrafted quality, the "Achtel"  conveys clarity, nostalgia, and enjoyment.

Lead-free crystal.  Hand wash.

2.5" w x 2.5" d x 3.5" h 


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