"Balloon" Drinking Set No. 279 Butterfly Tumbler C Balloon by Ted Muehling

by J. & L. Lobmeyr 



Medium "Balloon" butterfly tumbler C with two butterflies made from mouth-blown lead-free crystal, part of the drinking set No. 279 designed by Ted Muehling.

In Ted Muehling's first collaboration with Lobmeyr the New York designer drew upon centuries of historical trends to create a distinctly modern collection that blends utility, beauty and wit.  Returning to the poetry and sensibility of pre-stemware that celebrated the contents within he found beauty in the simple and utilitarian shapes of Roman and early European glass. He was also taken by the Vienna Secession period and the exquisitely thin pieces that Adolf Loos and Josef Hoffman had designed for Lobmeyr.  In fact, the convex and concave shapes beg to be held and caressed. Indentations in the bottom of  each piece add another sensuous curve. And although he has designed some shapes with specific elixirs in mind (beer, cognac, schnaps, etc.), the glasses are meant to be multi-purpose. Water and wine flow equally well from a simple form.

In addition to the original decoration with insects and butterflies, there is an alternative with painted fish available now, which will turn your table into a lively aquarium. One (category B), two (C) or three (D) butterflies and insects are hand-painted on the bulgy tumbler shapes with a fine brush and enamel paint.

Available with various coordinating glasses and a wine decanter.

All lead-free crystal. Hand wash.

3.44" w x 3.44" d x 3.56" h


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