" Fish-Bowl" Flower Vase BV60 By Stefan Rath

J. & L. Lobmeyr

New, designed in 1955


The "Fish-Bowl" BV60 Vase series designed by Stefan Rath is made with hand-blown, ultra-thin muslin glass. Whether grouped, paired or single, these vases make a playful display. Available in clear, amethyst, grey, gold lustered, light green, rosalin, citrin, and light blue.

Each one of them is a highly decorative object and a perfect gift, though they look particularly charming in a group — just like a swarm of soap bubbles.

The collection includes three sizes in eight colors.

BV60 II 7.87"w x 7.87"d x 7.87"h

BV60 III 5.91"w x 5.91"d x 5.91"h

BV60 IV 3.94"w x 3.94"d x 3.94"h

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