"NEO Crack" B Tumbler by Murray Moss

by J. & L. Lobmeyr

Contemporary, 2017


"NEO Crack" B mouth-blown glass tumbler with hand-engraved "Crack" decoration designed by Murray Moss.  There are 4 different designs of cracks in the collection. 

Moss created “Crack”, a collection of four different ‘designed cracks’ to transform what we have been taught to regard as ‘awed’, ‘ruined’, into something that is now embellished, something even more precious.  Moss believes that it reminds us to take care of these objects, to temper our brutishness, and to enjoy the opportunity to become, if even for a moment, more graceful.”

Meticulously hand-engraved the “Crack” design has been applied to “NEO” DOF tumblers and "Drink Series 4" designed by Ludwig Lobmeyr in 1856.  Additionally custom orders are available on various other designs.

All lead-free crystal. Hand wash.

3.54" W x 3.54" D x 3.82" H


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