"Thom" Tall Vase by Sebastian Menschhorn

by J. & L. Lobmeyr



"Thom" tall vase designed by Sebastian Menschhorn made from hand-cut and polished mouth-blown glass appear to be shaped in a lathe. Thom means "magnificent" in the language of the Khmer. In Europe, Thom can also be a person’s name. The roots of this series lie in both cultural spheres – Europe and Asia. The temples of Angkor, over a thousand years old, have window grates with sculptured stone pillars; Josef Hoffmann used quite similar horizontally grooved structures in his architecture. Sebastian Menschhorn arranged the grooves irregularly and transformed architectural elements into hollow vessels. In spite of their transparency, the objects maintain archaic strength.

Lead free crystal. Hand wash.

4.5" w x 4.5" d x 11.6" h 


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