"Colors of Earth" by Trang Lê


Oil on canvas

"Colors of Earth" by Trang Lê is part of her "Reminiscence" series, a collection of paintings selected from different series of work within the past seven years of memories the artist experienced with life.  These very introspective works are evaluating and refining the self. As events are unfolding and Lê experiences her surroundings, she hangs on by thin lines with the paint brush, painting day by day. The process takes her to threads of water she touched and to those poignant moments in the night of sheer shadows. With the ups and downs like the movement of thread she experiences life and its change of seasons, of weather, of day and night. While re-evaluating and refining to strengthen the self her life is brilliant and her love is pure and true.

Commissions available.

18" w x 3" d x 84" h

Price Upon Request

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