"Still" Water Tumbler by Formafantasma

by J. & L. Lobmeyr

designed in 2014, new


Water tumbler designed as part of the "Still" series by Formafantasma, available in four engraved silica designs.  "Still" is a collection of crystal and copper pieces with aesthetic, contemporary, and carefully engraved crystals. These pieces are the investigation into water-purification started by the designers in 2012. The crystals engraved with two different patterns: one is a new microscopic view of bacteria found in rivers. The other is a 19th-century representation of an organism that lives in the oceans and characterizes by having a skeleton made of silica.

The collection includes large and medium crystal vessels and tumblers, a charcoal dish, vessel filter, cup filter, a copper ladle, spoons and cups. The latter makes reference to the Drinking service No. 267 "Alpha" designed by Hans Herald Rath.

Lead-free crystal. Hand wash.

2.8" w x 2.8" d x 4.12" h



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