"Eckhart" Bowl by Sebastian Menschhorn

by J. & L. Lobmeyr 



"Eckhart" bowl vase designed by Sebastian Menschhorn and based on the idea to make something round and make it square. The glass is entirely faceted, and only at a single point is the rounded raw glass kept as it was. This causes the fundamental opposition of angled and round, of raw and refined, to emerge. The series is heavy and archaic. It has practical uses, but can also be left unused to be seen as a sculpture.

Sebastian Menschhorn takes his profound knowledge of culture and art history and applies it to translating ornaments, forms, and functions into contemporary consumer items and graphic designs. The result is fresh yet timeless designs rooted in history, that tell new stories.

Lead free crystal.  Hand wash.

10.4" w x 10.4" d x 3.6" h   


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