"Poppea" Goblet by Sebastian Menschhorn

by J. & L. Lobmeyr

New, designed in 2023


"Poppea" Goblet designed by Sebastian Menschhorn. Drinking goblets used for special occasions had their heyday during the Renaissance. Lobmeyr’s bicentennial anniversary is indeed a very special occasion and deserves to be celebrated with a goblet.

The sensual shape of its carefully formed stem is a pleasure to hold. Three different graphite tongs are used to create the shapes, giving the impression that each stem is different. The bowl of the chalice is just one size, its form inspired by the famous Nuremberg glass goblets of the seventeenth century.

This goblet is available with three different styles of stems.  Lead-free mouth-blown glass. hand wash.

3.43" w x 3.43" d x 6.70" h   


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