"Schubert" Champagne Bowl Yellow & Platinum by Augarten

by Augarten



Delicate yellow "Schubert" Champagne bowl made from pure white porcelain and lined with platinum is a must for every friend of noble drops and exquisite designs. The hand-burnished platinum interior stands out as a symbol of extravagant taste, not only by its exquisite optics but also accents the splendor of the bowls. Augarten uses 24 carat gold and highest quality platinum. The contents remain refreshingly cool, and the form of the Champagne bowl offers a new sensuous experience.  

3.5" w x 3.5" d x 2" h

Also available in 24K gold and platinum in the following colors: charcoal gray, white, cobalt blue, pink, turquoise, light gray. Please contact us for custom options. 

Founded in 1718, the Augarten Porcelain is the second-oldest in Europe. Now as then, porcelain continues to be made and painted by hand. Each piece is thus unique.  

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