"Series 4" Decanter by Ludwig Lobmeyr

by J. & L. Lobmeyr

Original design 1856, new


Ludwig Lobmeyr created this set in a period, when heavily cut Crystal was in fashion and thus generated a classic of modern design, that cannot be topped in its simplicity and perfect proportions. The idea for that design was that new, that one might call it an invention.

The glasses of this set are made in Crystal, mouth-blown in beech wood molds, so delicate, that the rims are less than one millimeter thick, therefore it is called “muslin glass” with reference to the French satin fabric. 

Mouth-blown glass decanter as part of the Drink Series 4" designed by Ludwig Lobmeyr in 1856.  Custom orders are available for etching a variety of designs.

All lead-free crystal.Hand wash.  

5.50" W x 5.50" D x 12.20" H


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