"Still" Water Vessel by Formafantasma

by J. & L. Lobmeyr

designed in 2014, new


Water vessel designed as part of the "Still" series by Formafantasma, available in two sizes, plain and engraved with water bacteria or silica design.  "Still" is a collection of crystal and copper pieces with aesthetic, contemporary, and carefully engraved crystals. These pieces are the investigation into water-purification started by the designers in 2012. The crystals engraved with two different patterns: one is a new microscopic view of bacteria found in rivers. The other is a 19th-century representation of an organism that lives in the oceans and characterizes by having a skeleton made of silica.

The collection includes large and medium crystal vessels and tumblers, a charcoal dish, vessel filter, cup filter, a copper ladle, spoons and cups. The latter makes reference to the Drinking service No. 267 "Alpha" designed by Hans Herald Rath.

Lead-free crystal. Hand wash.

Medium 7" w x 7" d x 12.8" h

Large 8.44" w x 8.44" d x 15.4" h



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