"Melange Set" by Lucy D. in Green

by Augarten and J. & L. Lobmeyr



Light Green "Mélange Set" combining a contemporary white porcelain coffee cup and plate that can double as a lid. Designed by the notorious design-duo Lucy D. who revisited the stories history around the accompanying glass of water which comes with a “real” Viennese Melange. The result of this exploration is an elegant, almost sculptural three-piece consisting of the essential items necessary to serve a Melange. A simple, brilliant white coffee cup, a porcelain lid, which can be used es a saucer, a small side plate or as a lid, and a gossamer muslin glass, shaped as the famous Alpha-beaker by J. & L. Lobmeyr.

Available in white porcelain with light-green, light-blue or rosalin glass. 

All lead-free crystal. Hand wash.

3.25" w x 3.25" d x 5.25" h




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