"Fortune" Set No. 283 Hudson River Carafe by Mark Braun

by J. & L. Lobmeyr

Contemporary, designed 2010


"Fortune" carafe designed by Mark Braun hand-engraved with the shape of Lake Titicaca on from muslin glass.

The carafe was originally designed by Mark Braun for VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2010 as part of a series on Austrian water: The contours of 21 Austrian rivers, lakes and glaciers were engraved into its surface. In 2011, the project was expanded to include bodies of water from across the world, and a slightly conical light tumbler was added to the set.  The collection come in plain or etched and includes a shot, a whiskey, a water, a wine and a beer tumbler.

Designs available are:

Rivers: Amazon, Euphrat, Ganges, Hudson, Mekong, Niger, Po

Glaciers: Fox, Lambert, Long, Malaspina, Pepito Moreno, Sea of Ice, Siachen

Lakes: Aral, Sea, Baikal, Kiwu, Titicaca, Van Sea, Toba, Vänern

All lead-free crystal. Hand wash.

3.82" W x 3.82" D x 9.06" H

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