"Lily" Crystal Tea/Coffee Cup & Saucer With Gilded Saucer by KIM+HEEP

by J. & L. Lobmeyr

designed in 2012/13, new


Tea/coffee cup and saucer in lead-free and ultra thin mouth-blown gossamer muslin glass with heavy gilt brass saucer designed by KIM+HEEP. The design team developed a well-balanced and functional shape that blends harmoniously into Josef Hoffmann’s “Patrician” series from 1917. Though long known for its ability to bear mechanical strain it was proven in impressive tests that the thin, lead-free crystal is also extremely resistant to changes in temperature.

Hand wash.

Cup 3.4" w x 3.4" d x 3.5" h

Saucer 4.8" w x 4.8" d x 1.3" h

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