"Fortune" Set No. 283 Water Carafe with Gold Dot by Mark Braun

by J. & L. Lobmeyr

Contemporary, designed 2010 


"Fortune"  water carafe with 24K gold dot designed by Mark Braun made from muslin glass.

The carafe was originally designed by Mark Braun for VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2010 as part of a series on Austrian water: The contours of 21 Austrian rivers, lakes and glaciers were engraved into its surface. In 2011, the project was expanded and presented at the “Salone” in Milan and a slightly conical light tumbler has been added to the set.  The collection includes a shot, a whiskey, a water, a wine and a beer tumbler.

All lead-free crystal. Hand wash.

3.82" W x 3.82" D x 9.06" H 

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