"Staehlemuehle" Spirit Glass by Mark Braun

by J. & L. Lobmeyr

Contemporary, designed 2011


"Stählemühle" (Staehlemuehle) spirit glass made from mouth-blown muslin glass designed by Mark Braun in collaboration with master distiller Christoph Keller from the Stählemühle fruit distillery.  Together they developed a completely new type of schnaps glass, one without a stem.  One’s hand wraps around the corpus, the shape abstracted from a distilling flask, warming the spirits to the perfect temperature. Gentle swirling provides aeration. The strikingly cambered floor of the glass, reminiscent of traditional Venetian glassware, enlarges the surface area laced by the drink, thus ensuring the desired reaction with oxygen. Escaping aromas stream up through the gently bowed chimney of the glass and are taken up by the nose in full stream before the first sip glides out from the elegant sweep of the goblet. Delicate, mouth-blown muslin glass creates an incomparably tantalizing contact between lips and drink.

Also available with a 24K gold dot inside the indentation.

All lead-free crystal. Hand wash.

1.77" W x 1.77" D x 3.94" H

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