Liam Dean

Liam Dean

Despite wielding such a clear aesthetic, Liam is a self-developed painter. In March 2009, he spontaneously bought a canvas and oils to aimlessly experiment in his Philadelphia apartment. Steadily, he drained his savings on art supplies and worked into the night. His apartment was soon overrun with his work and he was forced to sleep in his closet to dedicate every square foot to his new passion. He presented his first solo gallery show within three months.

Liam has been commissioned by private collectors and designers to create custom works for various national projects. Over the last eight years, his work has been collected by discerning contemporary enthusiasts in Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sweden, and Croatia. In 2016, he moved to San Francisco where he remains bi-coastal as various projects, commissions, and art fairs may dictate. Liam began 2017 by participating in L.A. Art Show + Art Palm Springs.

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